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Coaxial Stage Monitor With A Large Power, High Efficiency, Wide Directional

Oct 30, 2017

Coaxial Stage Monitor and Coaxial Stage Monitor system as a sound terminal, its quality is good or bad, will directly affect the sound quality of the sound system to play, so in order to meet the different use of different environments and different audio equipment requirements, in order to improve the sound quality of the sound system, foreign Companies engaged in the production of loudCoaxial Stage Monitors are constantly working on new products, improving electrical performance, and constantly developing new materials, new processes and the use of new design methods. So in recent years have launched a variety of Coaxial Stage Monitors, with a large power, high efficiency, wide point of view and so on.

At present, many foreign Coaxial Stage Monitor manufacturers use new magnetic materials, using the new design method of this road, the flux balance, reduce the drive source inductance and heat conduction of the new structure set, so that the magnetic material can make the magnetic energy capacity of 3.6 MGsOe above, which increases the capacity of the Coaxial Stage Monitor to withstand power, increased the intensity of bass playback. Some of the Coaxial Stage Monitor diaphragm with titanium, this material produced by the diaphragm, making the Coaxial Stage Monitor's high frequency has been a larger extension, power capacity has also been greatly improved. The subwoofer uses a laminated high density composite cone. Voice coil with flat wire, because the flat line duty cycle is high, the magnetic circuit gap utilization is high, can get a higher sensitivity.

Prior to the professional sound in the most commonly used horn is the index, and now with the progress of science and technology, with a new directional horn, began to gradually replace the simple index. Point to the type of tube is used in different shapes of the sidewall, the past simple linear, exponential into a complex, discontinuous function formula to achieve a constant directivity.

Kara OK karaoke, dance halls and home theater Coaxial Stage Monitors used in conjunction with the development of science and technology, the emergence of new products, these new products not only excellent technical performance, and high sensitivity, transient response is good, dynamic range. This loudCoaxial Stage Monitor loudCoaxial Stage Monitor has two frequency divider Coaxial Stage Monitors and three split Coaxial Stage Monitors.