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High End KTV Speaker To Ensure Good Directivity And Phase Characteristics

Oct 30, 2017

Two-way High End KTV Speaker are composed of an 8-foot rain or 6.5-inch subwoofer with dome tweeter, if the middle and low frequency only one speaker, in order to ensure good directivity and phase characteristics, requires the speaker unit There is a wide range of vibration of the piston without vibration, but this bass effect is difficult to meet people's requirements, so in order to meet the bass effect, and have developed dumbbell High End KTV Speaker, with two 8-inch or 6.5-inch woofer Between the top of a dome tweeter to strengthen the bass.

The three-way loudspeaker speaker is an alto unit on the basis of two-way frequency division, which can make full use of the piston vibration band of each unit to reduce the distortion and improve the power bearing capacity. Whether it is two-way frequency or tri-band have a better leak-proof magnetic properties.

In order to be able to show the effect of the theater in the general home theater show, surround sound is very important. The current surround sound can be roughly divided into two kinds, namely: directional logic surround sound and DSP surround sound. DSP surround sound is the use of digital processing technology to simulate the sound of the theater sound through the times, this surround sound requires the front, center, rear indicator speaker sound to balance, pointing better.

Most of the previous bass output is the use of large pots, but the bass effect is not very good. In order to meet the needs of the home theater audio market,High End KTV Speaker  many companies are committed to research and development of large amplitude subwoofer, the most representative radial neodymium system 18-inch subwoofer by controlling the thickness of the roof and in the 2-inch long magnetic gap In the use of 0.5 inch voice coil to obtain a larger linear range of motion to improve the bass effect. In order to be able to be in a small speaker with a good bass effect, will be similar to the structure of the suspension in the diaphragm after the diaphragm, so that the diaphragm can be in the cylindrical frame for a long piston movement, so that the pot can be before and after Movement up to 2cm, caliber and then a small speaker can also have a good bass effect.