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Multi-application Speaker Simple Structure, Good Performance, Variety

Oct 30, 2017

Commonly known as the Multi-application Speaker, it is an electro-acoustic transducer, through a physical effect of the electrical signal into an acoustic signal and radiation to the surrounding media. The loud Multi-application Speaker may refer to a Multi-application Speaker unit or loud Multi-application Speaker system (Multi-application Speaker or loud Multi-application Speaker box), which is generally referred to as a loud Multi-application Speaker unit.

2, the classification of the Multi-application Speaker According to the Multi-application Speaker of the physical effects of different energy, the Multi-application Multi-application Speaker can be divided into electromagnetic, piezoelectric, electrostatic (or capacitive), electric (including moving coil is a special type of electric improvements )and many more.

In addition, according to the different structure of the Multi-application Speaker diaphragm, the Multi-application Speaker can be divided into tapered (diaphragm for the conical) Multi-application Speaker, the top of the ball (diaphragm was spherical shape)Multi-application Speaker, flat (diaphragm for a flat) Multi-application Speakers and Belt (diaphragm for the metal strip) Multi-application Multi-application Speaker.

3, the working principle of universal Multi-application Speakers

As the moving coil Multi-application Speaker structure is simple, good performance, variety, widely used, so become the mainstream of today's Multi-application Speaker production

Moving coil is the use of power coil by the magnetic field force to achieve electro-acoustic energy conversion. That is, with the coil connected to the diaphragm under the action of the vibration occurs, so as to promote the surrounding air sound, to achieve the conversion of electro-acoustic energy. The force of the magnetic field on the energizing coil is called the force effect of the electric transducer.

4, the basic concept of the Multi-application Speaker system

Commonly known as Multi-application Speaker, it is by the Multi-application Speaker unit, box and frequency divider, additional wire, wiring board (some Multi-application Speaker system also contains horn, sound-absorbing material) and other components composed of sound equipment.

Generalized Multi-application Speaker system also includes the Multi-application Speaker with the matching amplifier, disc player and listening room and other external environment. We usually talk about the Multi-application Speaker only refers to the sound device part.

5, the Multi-application Speaker system classification First of all, according to the different cabinet structure will be divided into Multi-application Speakers: open (or baffle), closed and inverted phase.

Second, according to the box assembly structure and use different Multi-application Speakers will be divided into: band-style Multi-application Speakers, transmission line Multi-application Speakers, arranged Multi-application Speaker, dumbbell  Multi-application Speakers, array Multi-application Speakers, sound column, all directional Multi-application Speakers, modular Multi-application Speakers, Johnson Multi-application Speakers and plus tube Multi-application Speakers, and so on.

6, the Multi-application Speaker system works

First of all, the Multi-application Speaker is evolved from the original infinite big baffle, is used to prevent the Multi-application Multi-application Speaker diaphragm before and after the interference of acoustic waves, improve the use of low-frequency playback.

A, closed Multi-application Speakers are directly used will be infinitely large baffle four back bending from the closure. Although played a role in preventing acoustic short-circuit, but did not use the sound energy to the back of the Multi-application Speaker sound. It is only the front of the Multi-application Multi-application Speaker sound energy work, low efficiency;

B, in order to make full use of the sound on the back of the Multi-application Speaker sound, improve efficiency, while more enhanced low-frequency sense, resulting in inverted box. It is the use of pipelines will be reflected on the back of the Multi-application Speaker sound correction in front of the sound in front of the sound waves in front of the Multi-application Multi-application Speaker, and then in front of the Multi-application Speaker with the sound waves to work together, greatly improving the efficiency.